5 Factors That Affect Construction Quality Management

5 Factors That Affect Construction Quality Management

As a construction firm, you want to provide the highest quality service to your clients, so you must focus on construction quality management. It is essential to ensure that you are reducing wastage and inefficiency. The quality of the finished product conveys the impression of the indulgence of the service provider. Quality control is a collaborative effort by the management team, as it involves the timely management of multiple resources. Contact on this number for the best construction management in Dubai.

Importance of setting deadlines for construction quality management:

Using deadlines in construction quality management is important for two reasons. One, deadlines help achieve high-quality standards, and two, they ensure that the project is delivered on time. Using a deadline can also help improve morale and boost workers’ confidence.

Material properties:

Material properties play a critical role in the construction quality management process. When not accounted for, they can lead to various problems, including the construction of unsafe buildings. Fortunately, there are some ways to control the number of unsafe building materials on a project.


To effectively manage construction quality, it’s important to identify and eliminate all sources of risk. Human error is responsible for over 50% of construction defects, so screening subcontractors to ensure that skilled labor is being hired is vital. Quality control should also include regular subcontractors’ audits to ensure they perform to standards.


One of the most common problems in construction is poor quality. 69% of contractors reported issues at the end of a project. Therefore, contractors need to focus on improving their quality control efforts. By doing so, they can not only increase safety and reduce their project costs, but they can also produce more efficient and long-lasting projects.

Scope of work:

Managing the scope of a construction project is an essential aspect of construction quality management. During the planning stage, it is critical to define the scope of the work and ensure it is feasible and achievable. Expert construction managers can help owners determine the scope of the work and how best to balance the constraints of the project. They will ask detailed questions to gauge the team’s skills and how they can achieve the desired outcome within the project’s scope. They will also assess the suitability of an architect.