5 Types Of Architects And Their Roles In Different Sectors

5 Types Of Architects And Their Roles In Different Sectors

Architects are the people behind the designs and construction of buildings. These professionals create homes, schools, and museums. Although they have different personalities and specialties, they all strive to make a positive impact on the world through their designs. Here are some types of architects and their roles in different sectors. See over here for architecture offices in Dubai.

Residential architects design single-family homes

A residential architect is a trained professional who designs homes and living environments. They typically have a degree in architecture and specialize in residential architecture. These architects design single-family homes and multi-family units as well as remodels and additions to existing homes. While architects do not build the buildings themselves, they design them according to the client’s needs and aesthetic sensibilities.

Commercial architects design non-residential or public structures

A commercial architect is a licensed professional who designs public or non-residential structures. Their focus is on functionality and efficiency. Their projects must meet certain building codes, safety regulations, and cost limits. This type of architect typically works in an office, consults with clients, and may visit construction sites. Some commercial architects are self-employed, and others work for architecture firms.

Landscape architects design public spaces

A landscape architect is a person who designs public spaces, parks, and other outdoor areas. This profession combines traditional landscape gardening and emerging city planning. As a result, landscape architects are responsible for designing everything from city parks to roads and sidewalks. These designers use advanced technology, such as computer-aided design software and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), to create unique and beautiful spaces.

Conservation and Restoration Architects design ancient monuments

Conservation and Restoration Architects (CRAs) design ancient monuments, including temples and historic sites. They use best practices to preserve the materials of historic buildings. The treatments chosen will depend on the material being restored. For example, brick facades will need different treatment techniques than those used for wrought iron.

Industrial Architects design factories

Industrial architects design industrial buildings and structures. This type of architecture integrates function and aesthetics, and stands out as an iconic piece of architecture. These buildings are often in harmony with their surroundings and can include eco-friendly initiatives. Industrial architects also incorporate landscape architecture into their designs, enhancing the surrounding environment and adding aesthetic value to a facility.