Advantages Of Having A Mainland Company In Dubai

Advantages Of Having A Mainland Company In Dubai

Setting up a business in the MENA region or the world can be a lucrative experience, and considering mainland company formation in Dubai can help you access a pool of gains that many other countries cannot offer. The Dubai Department of Economic Development takes care of the entire process of company formation in Dubai. There are significant advantages to having a mainland company in Dubai, and here are a few of them.

Mainland companies are not subject to visa restrictions:

Mainland companies in Dubai offer a host of attractive benefits to foreign investors. A mainland company in Dubai is licensed by the Department of Economic Development, allowing it to operate in the local market and export its goods and services around the world. The location of the company in Dubai gives it unique opportunities for entry into the global marketplace and GCC markets. In addition, 100% foreign ownership of a mainland company in Dubai is now possible under an amendment to the Commercial Companies Law.

Mainland companies can choose their office location anywhere in Dubai:

Mainland companies can conduct business in Dubai and the UAE, where they are allowed to operate anywhere they like. This gives them a distinct advantage over free zones, which are restricted to certain areas and specific types of activities. Mainland companies can choose an office location anywhere in the emirates, and can even have multiple branches to create a strong presence across the UAE.

Mainland companies can conduct business without the inference of the local partner:

Setting up a mainland company in Dubai has several benefits. It does not have a minimum capital requirement and is exempt from corporate taxes. It has the lowest statutory VAT of 5%, among the lowest in the world. It also opens the door for entering the lucrative government sector. A mainland company is exempt from UAE currency restrictions and can apply for several visas.

Offer flexibility:

If you want to make a mark in the UAE’s thriving market, setting up a mainland company is the right choice for you. Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) helps entrepreneurs form companies on the mainland, offering numerous benefits and flexibility for entrepreneurs. However, setting up a mainland company requires more work than just forming a company in Dubai. You will need to reserve a trading name, partner with a local sponsor, and apply for all necessary visas and labor cards.